The Coolest 12v Refrigerator for Camping

A refrigerator is one of the most important items to have on your camping list. It can help keep all your food fresh, as well as ensure your favorite drinks stay cold. The best portable refrigerator is durable, easy to handle, and clean. Over the years, 12v refrigerators have become a necessity during the summer camping season. Connecting with nature is amazing, but it comes with some sacrifices. Having a portable refrigerator reduces the occurrence of these inconveniences. They let you have access to fresh fruit or a cold drink that you desperately desire after a long day of camping.

Moreover, if you plan on BBQ-ing, you will have to bring your meat with you. To prevent it from getting spoiled, you have to store it in a cold place. If you don’t refrigerate your meat, it’s going to spoil fairly quickly: destroying your dreams of a proper BBQ. If you want to enjoy a well-cooked meal on your trip, you have to make sure your food is properly stored.

I hope by now you are convinced that having a portable refrigerator is important for a good camping experience. In this post, we will explore the best 12v refrigerators available on the market. All of these picks are quality products that have been used by thousands of fellow campers. We personally reached out to them to determine this list. Our goal was to find portable 12v refrigerators that are not only of high quality, but also come at a great price. Our top picks are:

Knox 27 Quart Electric Car Refrigerator Cooler and Food Warmer

Portable Refrigerator and Warmer

This cooler operates with your car’s power output to keep your drinks and food cold. It also has a thermal setting that lets you control the container’s temperature. This will allow you to keep your food and drinks at the temperature you desire. It is also high enough to store a 2-liter container. You can also store multiple food types without allowing them to spoil. Moreover, it was built in a way to perfectly fit in your car without causing storage issues. It also comes with flip-up lock and cord storage area, thus guaranteeing safety and convenience. On top of that, it is really easy to clean and operate. We highly recommend this product to all the camping regulars. One of the reasons it’s at the top of our list is because you can heat food using this container.
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Igloo 40375 Iceless 40-Quart with 110-volt Converter Coolers

40-Quarts Iceless Converter Cooler

Another one of our picks is the Igloo 40375. This refrigerator is equipped with a convection cooling fan which is designed to push and circulate constant cold air while in use. It is able to cool down all the way to 3 degree Celsius (380 Fahrenheit), making it an incredible choice for people who want to keep their food and drink near frozen. Like the previous model, it also plugs into any given 12V adaptor. Additionally, you can plug it into any 110V outlet. This unique, simple design makes it simple to clean and maintain. If you are looking for a really cool, reliable refrigerator, this is your pick.
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Floureon GBT-3009 7.5L 12v Mini Portable Fridge

Blue Mini Portable Fridge

Our last pick is the Floureon GBT-3009. It was designed so you could have your food and drink at whatever temperature you desire. It is incredibly neat and handy, what makes it a perfect pick if you are looking for something truly portable. Additionally, its advanced technology enables it to operate quietly. Such an innovation makes the whole experience tranquil and convenient. Also, it is environmentally friendly thanks to the limited use of fluorine. On top of that, the smart design makes it very light and durable.
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As you’ve probably noticed, all the refrigerators on the list can be powered using your car. However, if you want to be 100% portable, we recommend you take a look at the best mini portable solar panels available on the market.

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