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The Best Backpacks with Speakers

During long marches, bands accompany armies to boost morale, inspire courage, and uplift spirits. Today, thanks to technology, you can carry your own band wherever you go. Backpacks with speakers offer one of the most convenient, functional, and practical ways to have your music wherever you are. If you love spending time outdoors, backpacks with speakers will add a new dimension of fun and entertainment to your experience.

We are going to review four of the most popular speaker backpacks in the market. Our goal is to help you decide which of the backpacks suits you best. So, let’s dive right in.

Jambag Backpack by Que

Jambag Backpack By Que

List price: $149.99

Current price: $99.99

Que offers outdoor activity enthusiasts the Jambag Backpack with a promise “[This is] a product built for the active lifestyle.” Considering this product’s design, features, and ergonomics, Que has done a phenomenal job delivering on that promise.

Primary Features and Benefits

Here’s why buying the Jambag makes sense:

  • Portable Battery Power Station: You can rely on the built-in 4000 mAh battery power station to save your devices from dying out on you during crucial moments. The power station has dual USB ports. So, you can charge two devices simultaneously. To charge the power bank, you can use the USB to USB cable that comes along with the product.
  • Power Monitor: You can monitor the charge remaining in the power station using the five LED lights. The lights tell your how much charge the power bank contains.
  • Dual Bluetooth Speakers: Jambag’s 10-Watt amplified stereo speakers deliver quite a punch. The speakers’ loudness and clarity will surprise you. You can connect your device to the speakers via Bluetooth 4.1 and listen to up to eight hours of continuous play.
  • Bluetooth 4.1: The previous version of Bluetooth, version 4.0, interfered with 4G (LTE) frequency. Version 4.1 eliminates this interference. Besides this, the new version gives higher data transfer speed and uses power more efficiently.
  • Handy Multimedia Controller: A pouch at the bottom of the bag’s front portion contains a multimedia controller. Using the controller, you can change tracks, control volume, accept/disconnect calls, pause/play music, and issue commands to your phone via SIRI or Google Voice.

Additional Features and Benefits

Here are some more advantages of using this product:

  • Made from Highly Durable Fabric: Que has rigorously weather tested the fabric used to make the Jambag. The fabric is resistant to water, high temperatures, and low temperatures. So, everything in your bag will remain safe until you can find shelter from unexpected weather events.
  • Thoughtful Pocket Placement: Well-placed external pockets give you easy access to your phone, cards, or wallet. The front flap has an active tablet window that enables you to use your tablet while it lays safely inside the bag. For additional security, you can store your valuables in a pouch at the rear of the bag.
  • TSA Compliant: The Jambag provides a way to show an unobstructed image of your laptop when going through X-ray screening. So, you can pass your bags through screening without taking your laptop out.
  • One Year Warranty: The Jambag comes with a one-year warranty. For details regarding the warranty, you can get in touch with the manufacturer.
  • Hidden Water Bottle Pouch: The mesh bag on the left side of the bag is the perfect place to store your water bottle. When you’re not using it, the pouch blends into the fabric.
  • Available in Three Colors: Que offers the Jambag in three color schemes: black, gray, and camouflage.
  • Dimensions: The dimensions of the bag are 15 x 16 x 8 inches and dimensions for the laptop compartment inside the bag are 14 x 11.5 x 1.5 inches.

A downside to the product is the lack of padding in the adjustable shoulder straps. Overall, most customers are really happy with the product.

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Powerbag Backpack by Que

Que Powerbag Backpack

List price: $94.99
Current price: $59.99

The Powerback from Que caters to people looking for a speaker bag that is budget friendly and not feature-heavy. 

Features and Benefits

Here are the features and benefits of the Powerbag:

  • Portable Battery Power Station: The Powerbag carries a portable 2200 mAh back-up power bank. The power bank comes with a built-in Apple 30-pin Sync Cable, Universal Micro USB cable, and a USB charging port.
  • Bluetooth Speaker: The Powerbag houses two Bluetooth speakers in pockets on the sides of the bag. You can easily pair the 10-Watt stereo speakers with your device. Unlike the Jambag, which uses Bluetooth 4.1, the Powerbag uses Bluetooth 3. But, this downgrade won’t make a big difference to your listening experience.
  • Durable Make: Que has extensively tested the Powerbag’s fabric to guarantee durability. The fabric is resistant to water, high temperatures, and low temperatures. So, you’ll never have to panic about the safety of your devices in case the elements throw you a curve ball.
  • Padded Shoulder Straps: This was one of the biggest drawbacks of the Jambag. The Powerbag doesn’t have this problem. The Powerbag’s shoulder straps are wide and well-padded. This makes carrying heavier loads easier and more comfortable.
  • Plenty of Pockets and Compartments: The placement and design of the pockets on Powerbag makes it easy for you to organize all your stuff. There are four side pockets; two on each side. The bottom side pockets hold the speakers, so it doesn’t leave much room for anything else. There’s also a top compartment under the handle. Besides the main storage compartment in the front, there is a secondary storage compartment at the back.

Trade-offs and Considerations

The Powerbag is a no-frills version of the Jambag. So, before you buy the Powerbag, please consider these factors:

  • No Water Bottle Pouch: Every outdoors enthusiast knows how important it is to remain hydrated. So, your backpack must have an accessible place for storing a water bottle. The lack of such a provision is a major inconvenience.
  • Too Many Pockets: While some people like to get by with just a few pockets, some people can’t have enough of them. If you are one of the former, the number of pockets of on the Powerbag will give you a mind-freeze.
  • No Multimedia Controller: Since the Powerbag doesn’t have a multimedia controller, you must change tracks, control volume, and pause/play songs using your device.
  • No Warranty Information: The Jambag comes with a one-year warranty. However, Amazon displays no information regarding Powerbag’s warranty other than 30-day-no-questions-asked usual Amazon return policy.
  • No Laptop Sleeve: The Powerbag doesn’t have a separate laptop sleeve. So, the bag doesn’t provide a way to secure your laptop inside it.
  • Heavy: The Jambag is about 2 pounds, but the Powerbag is 5.2 pounds.
  • Delicate Wires: the wires and cables running in the bag, such as the ones going to the speakers, are thin. You might accidentally damage the wires if you’re not careful.

In summary, the Jambag is a tech-lover’s dream, the Powerbag is a regular backpack with speakers and a power bank. So, if you’re looking for a backpack with some helpful add-ons, go for the Powerbag. But, if you want a technology platform to store, charge, and use your devices, buy the Jambag. So, Que isn’t charging you more for the Jambag for nothing. In fact, waiting a little to save money to buy the Jambag is worth the time.

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Trakk Shell Waterproof Lightweight Backpack

Trakk Shell Waterproof Lightweight Backpack

List price: $199.95
Current price: $129.95

The TRAKK SHELL Waterproof Multi-Function Bluetooth Speaker Backpack is not a travel backpack. But, it is perfect for people who run, jog, walk, cycle, or exercise outdoors every day.

It has a hard shell-like front and a solid back, which is why TRAKK guarantees that the product is waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, and stain resistant. At the same time, it’s small and lightweight. Although you wouldn’t buy this for the storage, this backpack has enough space to accommodate everything you will need for a short outdoor adventure.

Main Features and Benefits

Here are standout features of this product:

  • Built-in Speakers with Max-Bass Technology: The backpack has two five-watt speakers. The Max-Bass technology powering the speakers produces high-quality sound even when you’re really rocking the volume. You can pair your smart phone, mp3 player, tablet, or computer to the speakers via Bluetooth 2. You will get an aux cable with the backpack, but you have to buy any other audio cable separately.
  • Power Bank: The power bank in the TRAKK SHELL backpack has a capacity of 5200 mAh. To put this in perspective, the iPhone 7 runs on a 1960 mAh battery. So, you can fully charge the phone nearly three times. And if you’re using the backpack to listen to music only, the power bank will last around 12 hours. You can recharge the power bank with the cable included in the package.
  • Wired Remote: When you’re on the go, you can use the wired remote to switch tracks, change the volume, play/pause tracks, answer/end calls, and turn the LED lights on or off. When you’re not using the remote, you can secure it by clipping it to the shoulder straps. Since the remote has a mic, you can make calls using the remote. But, make sure you hold the remote close to your mouth.
  • Multi-Color LED Lights: The mesh-like panel on the front of the backpack is an LED light that cycles from warm to cool colors. Anyone engaging in outdoor activities at night can turn the lights on to warn vehicles.

Additional Features and Benefits

Other convenience-features of the product include the following:

  • Plenty of Pouches and Pockets: This backpack has no external pouches or pockets. The storage space inside, however, has numerous places where you can safely store all your gadgets.
  • Dimensions and Weight: The dimensions of the backpack are 11.8 x 6.3 x 15.7 inches and it weighs about 3.6 pounds.
  • One Year Warranty: The product carries a one year warranty.

This backpack is great for anyone who wants to carry their tech along with them when they are outdoors. But, to carry anything more, you’d need another backpack.  Depending on the way you look at it, this is perhaps the product’s biggest positive or negative.

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The 2017 Rager Backpack

2017 Rager Backpack with Bluetooth Speakers

List price: $109
Current price: $79

The first thing that hits you when you see this product is the bold self-proclamation “THE #1 Speaker Backpack in the World.” Although one must commend the manufacturer’s confidence, they don’t decide how good the product is – you do.

Features and Benefits

The features and benefits of this product are as follows:

  • Storage Compartments: The backpack’s main storage compartment is spacious enough to accommodate two laptops and still have room to spare. The main compartment also has a separate sleeve to secure your laptop. The secondary storage compartment is large enough to store a textbook. The third storage space has the Bluetooth speakers. You can remove the speakers to make more room for your stuff.
  • Full-Range Removable Speakers: The Rager Backpack has a 2.1 stereo speaker built into it. That’s two full-range speakers and one eight-Watt sub-woofer. You can connect your device to the speakers using the aux cable that comes with the product or via Bluetooth. And if you feel you won’t need the speakers, you can remove them.
  • Long Battery Life: The 2017 version of the Rager Backpack has a USB-powered lithium battery that lasts for up to four hours.
  • Dimensions and Weight: The dimensions of the bag are 17 x 13 x 6 inches and it weighs around 2.3 pounds, with the speakers.
  • Build Quality: The Rager Backpack has a premium feel to it. The design is neat, modern, and streamlined. The materials are sturdy, durable, and well-suited for an active outdoor lifestyle. The padded back and the padded shoulder straps enable you to heavy loads with minimal strain.

Although this bag doesn’t have enough space for an overnight trip, it is perfect for any day-long outdoor activity. It is stylish, durable, functional, and convenient. And it is available at a reasonable price. So, the product has legitimately won the bragging rights to the #1 speaker backpack in the world.

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Time to Choose

Here’s a recap of what you’ve read. Que offers two speaker integrated backpacks: the Jambag and the Powerbag. The Jambag is superior to the Powerbag in every respect except the cost. Moving on, the TRAKK SHELL backpack is a straightforward choice if storage isn’t a concern. Finally, the Rager Backpack provides the best price to utility ratio.

Now that all the cards are on the table, what’s your call?


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