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Best 4 Person Tents: 2017 Buyer’s Guide

Camping is all fun and games until you have to setup the tent.

Four person tents are ideal in size and most of them have easy setups. There are tents that can be setup in less than 60 seconds, which is a great magic trick for the kids.

Below we compiled a list of the best 4 person tents. No tent reviewed here will be over $200, which is a good news if you are on a budget!

The Top Rated Pick: Sundome 4 Person Tent


List Price: $63.99

Promotional Price: Check on Amazon


  • Fits up to four people
  • Fiberglass poles
  • Floor 1000D Polyethylene
  • Electrical access port
  • Rainfly awning included
  • Poles that stand up to the wind
  • Included footprint that suits four people
  • Carry bag included

Coleman is one of the most trusted camping gear manufacturers on the market. If you were thinking of going on a camping trip for a weekend, families and couple alike put their trust in Coleman. The Sundome Tent is part of a series of tents provided by Coleman. It is one of Coleman’s most popular tents.

The tent is suitable for four campers, but it’s the best to have 3 people in such a tent. Fewer people in a tent ensure loads of space and campers feel less claustrophobic.

Let’s talk about the tent fabric and design. Knowing the in’s and out’s of a tent is pivotal for making the most money can buy you. The tent has a massive door for easy entry and exit. After you enter, you can see that there’s enough space to place four sleeping bags next to one another (more likely sleeping bags for kids than for adults). If you have less sleeping bags, you will have more space. This ensures maximum comfort.

With four people in a tent, you need proper ventilation. There is a large hooded window in the back of the tent that ensures airflow for cross ventilation. The Sundome Tent even has a hooded fly to provide ventilation in times of rain. The mesh vents on the tent’s roof provide even further ventilation.

It may happen that it rains while you go on your camping trip. The coated polyester walls and fly are durable and rough. The Sundome Four-Person Dome Tent has 1000D polyethylene floor that wraps up on the side. This gives the floor a bathtub shape for a weather proof guarantee.

The tent’s dome design allows for an easy set up that takes approximately 15 minutes. For added convenience, there is an electrical access port for charging phones. Most campers use this port to use an AC for increased ventilation.


  • Dome design provides easy setup
  • Rainfly awning for further protection against the rain
  • Spacious


  • Not enough room for four adults
  • Side windows have no cover (Can get cold very easily)

Bottom Line
The Sundome Four-Person Tent is an excellent choice for a family who go on camping trips a handful of times a year. This tent will do its job and provide shelter in the woods. Don’t expect to have a luxurious tent when you buy the Sundome.

Best Four Person Cabin Tent Under $200: Coleman 4-Person Instant Cabin

Coleman 4-Person Instant Cabin

List Price: $199.99

Promotional Price: Check on Amazon


  • 150D Polyester Fabric
  • Comes with Pre-attached poles for an easy setup
  • Included WeatherTec system
  • No separate rainfly necessary
  • Weighs 35.5 pounds

The most annoying part of a camping trip is setting up the tent. The Coleman 4-Person Instant Cabin Tent alleviates stress about setting up your tent. This means camping becomes an all-around enjoyable experience.

What makes this four person cabin tent so easy to set up? The answer is simple- it’s the pre-attached poles. All you have to do is unfold the tent, extend the poles and secure them into place. This process takes about only 60 seconds. It usually takes more than 15 minutes to set up a generic tent.

For setup ease and comfort, the Coleman 4-Person Cabin Tent is the answer.

Don’t worry if it rains on your camping trip. The integrated WeatherTec system has rugged floors and inverted seams. This keeps rain out and allows you to sleep comfortably. The waterproof floor significantly decreases the water damage a tent normally endures. The needle holes inside the tent also increase the tent’s waterproof quality. The heavy duty polyester fabric promotes this water resistance.

There’s no need for a separate rainfly because the ten is completely taped. The wind resistant frame ensures you have a tent that is as strong as a house.

Inside you can fit about four sleeping bags one right next to the other. If there are two people sharing the tent, you can easily fit a queen airbed. For optimal space, the tent has two storage pockets to keep track of your important items.

When you finish having fun on your camping trip, packing the Coleman tent is as easy as setting it up. There’s a carry bag with a strap provided that fits the tent.


  • Pre-attached poles makes setup last 60 seconds
  • Carrying bag for easy transport


  • Users recommend getting a rainfly

The Bottom Line
The Coleman Four-Person Tent is ideal for family camping trips in the summer time. A rainfly is unnecessary, but a lot of users have recommended buying one.

Best Four Person Tent Under $100: Mountain Trails South Bend Tent

Mountain Trails South Bend Tent

List Price: $64.95

Promotional Price: Check on Amazon


  • D-style Door
  • Polyester mesh windows
  • Polyethylene floor
  • Shock-corded fiberglass

The Mountain Trail South Bend Sport Dome Four-Person Tent is an ideal accessory for your next camping trip. The 63 square foot area tent comfortably fits four people, but take into account the size of each person. You may need a bigger tent if you are trying to fit four fully grown adults.

What makes this four-person dome tent special? Well, first is its low price. For under $100, this tent can be your main line of defense on a camping trip.

The four-person dome tent is popular for how it simplifies the camping process. The Mountain Trail Tent utilizes a fiberglass frame that incorporates a pin and ring system for easy setup. There is a D-shaped door that ensures an easy way in and out of the tent.

Packing up is even easier because of the incorporated Stow-n-go duffel system. All you need to do is fold your tent, and you are good to go. There are fold labels provided that ensure you won’t mess up the packing up process.

Having proper air ventilation is a key feature for a tent. You don’t want four people inside a tent with no ventilation. The lack of air will make sleeping inside the tent unbearable. The dome tent has large mesh roof vents and windows for constant ventilation.

Personal items are easily lost on a camping trip because of the lack of space in a tent. Included with the Mountain Trail Tent are pockets that ensure personal items are within an arm’s reach.

Mud, unfortunately, is something you will encounter during a camping trip. Thankfully, the attached mud mat sustains a clean floor, making cleaning up unnecessary.


  • Cheap Price
  • Easy Setup


  • Lightweight (Not very durable)
  • Recommended for use during the summertime
  • Fits a twin airbed, not queen

The Bottom Line
For a simple camping trip, the Mountain Trail South Bend Dome Four Person Tent will suit your needs. Do not take this tent at high altitudes because the substantial airflow will cause you to freeze. If you are camping in the summertime, this is the tent for you.

Best Instant Tent: FiveJoy Instant Pop Up Dome Tent

FiveJoy Instant Pop Up Dome Tent

List Price: $189.00

Promotional Price: Check on Amazon


  • Popup setup
  • Tent pegs, guy line, and carrying bag included
  • Fiberglass pole
  • Polyester tent fabric

People who go camping want to get away from the chaotic city life. You don’t need added stress during a camping trip, so an instant tent is an ideal solution. The FiveJoy Instant 4-Person Dome Tent suits a camper of any level and a soothing setup is a guarantee.

All you have to do to setup your dome tent is remove it from the packaging. The tent automatically pops up, so you won’t have to touch one tent pole. The portable carrying bag makes transporting the tent so easy you’ll wonder why you don’t go camping more often.

Being able to breathe inside a tent is a priority; especially if four people are sleeping in it. The FiveJoy tent comes with mesh windows on the right and left side. These windows have a nylon flap that promotes cross ventilation. The solid flaps also allow a moment of privacy, which is hard to get on a camping trip. More importantly, the mesh windows guarantee fresh air and no bugs.

Scared of losing prized possessions in the woods? The tent comes with pockets and a hang loop that allows the inside area to stay consistently clean. For added light, you can place a lantern on the hanging loop. For keeping your car keys and identification safe, you can store them in one of the tent’s pockets.

Don’t even think about buying a separate rainfly because you can turn your windows into one. You attach guy lines to loops below the window and extend them a short distance. Included with your FiveJoy tent purchase are guy lines, stakes, and pegs

If you expect heavy rain on your camping trip, this tent won’t be of much use. FiveJoy designed this tent to be water resistant to a certain point. The polyester coating on the tent functions under some rain, but heavy rain will leak through. For summertime camping trips, this is the ideal tent.


  • Easy setup
  • Proper ventilation


  • Not for extreme camping
  • Only ideal for summertime/early fall

The Bottom Line

For the labor day camping trip, the FiveJoy Four-Person Dome Tent is a smart choice. Your kids will think the tent is a palace in the woods and will enjoy every second of the trip. The instant pop up setup will be a great magic trick for the kids.

Best 4 Person Tents Buying Guide

For avid campers, the proper tent can make or break a camping experience. Camping usually involves a group of people, so you need a tent that can accommodate. For larger groups, it makes sense to buy a big tent. Four person cabin tents provide enough space, so you feel as if you are living in a palace in the middle of the woods.

A tent acts as your guardian in the outdoors. A top-notch tent makes a difference in comfort and safety. You need a tent that can protect you and provide comfort. There are a plethora of tents to choose from, so you as the buyer should prioritize on what you need in a tent.

There are multiple features you need to take into consideration when purchasing a four person cabin tent.

4 Person Tent: The Breakdown

Protection: It’s important to stress how essential it is to buy a tent that protects against the elements. A tent that can’t provide basic protection is worthless. Make sure to read up on other buyers experiences with the tents you are researching. All the tents reviewed above will provide ample protection.

Weight: Any camper knows it’s crucial to pack light. An extra few pounds might not sound like a big deal. Hiking for hours to find the right camping spot with a heavy bag will weigh you down. Lightweight tents are available and should be widely used during the summertime.

Size: You want to buy a tent that is proportional to your group size. The tents reviewed above are all four person cabin tents, but there are smaller options available. A four person tent is the roomier option, which will prove to be the most comfortable.

Interior Design: You need to find a good balance between weight and space. People usually chose tents that provide optimal interior space while staying light. A four person tent will provide the most optimal space, which means you would be sleeping in the woods in luxury.

Exterior Design: One design defect can ruin a tent, so choose wisely. The rule most campers go by is the simpler the tent, the better the camping experience. A tent with more than one door, air vents to improve general air flow, and pockets for gear storage will come in handy. A complex tent can leave a camper feeling discouraged, which takes the fun out of the whole trip.

Door Specifics: For a four person tent, having separate doors will make the living situation a lot simpler. Separate entrances mean getting into a fight with your camping buddy less awkward. Having separate entrances also ensures fewer confrontations. This certifies camping to be an enjoyable experience. Also, having separate vestibules guarantee you won’t trip over your camping buddy while they are sleeping.

Durability: The difference between buying a lightweight tent versus a heavy duty tent is the durability. The durability choice is up to the buyer. Would you prefer less weight for a less durable tent? There are quality lightweight tents guaranteed to last thousand miles of hiking. Also, make a note of how many times you actually go camping. If you only go camping a handful of times a year, a lightweight tent will go a long way. Obviously, you need to take meticulous care of a lightweight tent if you want it to function properly.

Wall Structure: The tent’s wall structure depends on what tent you decide to buy. Double-wall tents are common and come in two sections. One section is the tent body, and the other is the rainfly.

A double-wall tent acts as a barrier against any weather conditions. Condensation decreases while airflow increases. There are single-wall tents available, but they don’t protect as well as double-wall tent.

If you only go camping a handful of times over the span of a couple of years, a single-wall tent will work just fine. Single-wall tents won’t weigh you down, which is a plus. For comfort and durability, a double-wall tent provides 360-degree coverage.

Setup Process: The easiest tents to setup are the freestanding tents. These tents come with a universal pole system that can be setup in any environment. Freestanding tents can even be set up on solid rock foundations.

Non-freestanding tents use stakes, poles, and guy lines as part of the setup process. Pitching one of these tents is a lengthier process and takes a lot of brainpower. For the more seasoned camper, non-freestanding tents won’t be an issue.

Price: A tent will be one of the most expensive items you would need for a camping trip, but the splurge is well worth it. You want to buy a tent that will last you more than one trip. The tents reviewed above have a diverse price range so you can choose for yourself.

Before buying a four person tent, there are some questions you should ask yourself.

How many people are going to be sleeping in the tent?

The rule of thumb for tent size is that you should add two to the number of people that will be sleeping in the tent. If you are a group of four people, a six-person tent is ideal. For family camping trips, two kids are approximately the equivalent to one adult. So for family camping trips, a four person tent will function perfectly.

Too many people inside a tent can reduce the air circulation, so it’s important to choose the right size. Don’t be afraid to buy a tent that is too big.

Will the tent be your only shelter for the camping trip?

If you are going to spend significant time inside the tent, make sure it provides the right amount of space and comfort. A tent that functions as your primary shelter will need to be weatherproof as well as promote airflow. You may consider getting a four person tent with a porch for additional water resistance.

Will you use your tent to storage your items?

It’s hard for some people to pack light for a camping trip, so make a note of the items you are bringing. If you are using part of your tent as storage for these items, keep in mind that the space in your tent will decrease.

Will you be hiking for an extended period of time?

Tents can rack up weight, so make sure you calculate how long you will be walking to get to your destination. A lightweight tent will come in handy if you are hiking for an extended period of time. A heavy tent will weigh you down and make the camping trip a lot more tedious than it needs to be.

People who buy four person tents

A small group of backpackers (up to 3 adults maximum) who need a large but lightweight tent.
Suitable for a three or four person family (parents and children).

Closing Thoughts

Getting the best four person tent requires more than knowing the price and brand. Knowing specific tent measurements on top of fabric quality helps solidify your tent choice. Being confident in your tent purchase is the goal. The tents reviewed above won’t disappoint, but make a camping trip a true adventure.

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