Best Hydration Packs

Hydration Packs: How to Choose One for Your Camping Trip

If you’re planning on camping, staying hydrated is an important thing to keep in mind. It’s a serious matter that often gets overlooked. The question is: do you need a regular backpack, or will a water bottle will do just fine? The good news is that there are backpacks on the market specifically designed for hydration. Hydration packs are convenient and enable you to drink while on the go. Basically, staying hydrated has been made considerably easier.

Hydration packs encourage drinking regularly and consistently. Most of the time they have two or three liter-sized compartments that allow for greater storage compared to simply carrying a water bottle. The extra space and convenience it provides are the main reasons to get a hydration backpack over a tactical backpack. After hours of testing and surveying, we came up with a list of the best hydration backpacks. Here are our picks:

The Camelback Ambush Hydration Pack

The Camelback Ambush Hydration Pack

The Camelback Ambush Hydration Pack has a wide platform that optimizes the back area, and an efficient delivery system to get water to the user. This makes it perfect for short trips.
It comes with a 100 oz (3 L) Mil Spec Antidote Reservoir Short with Quick Link. This technology guarantees faster refilling and is equipped with an automatic shut-off system, QL HydroLock™. It has a fill port with the largest opening in the industry, and comes with an airtight seal.

Since it is built with an external file, you can refill the container with no hassle. The backpack has external top and bottom zip pockets to keep all the essentials safe. Not only is this backpack lightweight, it is also made of more durable fabric than its competitors. In addition, it comes with a lifetime guarantee!
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Osprey Raptor 14 Hydration Pack

Osprey Raptor 14 Hydration Pack

The Raptor is a uniquely designed series that was created specifically for hiking. As a result, it has a lot of front and back zip pockets. This pack is ideal for long cycling trips, and has enough space for all of your equipment.

It has a lot of extra features. Some include:

  • Huge zip pocket with a tool pouch
  • Side stretch mesh pockets
  • A removable tool pouch with a roll-up feature

All of these features make the Osprey Raptor a great hydration pack, and should be added to the inventory of every serious camper.
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The Duthie AM Hydration pack

The Duthie AM Hydration pack

This hydration pack is built for rough journeys like long days in the mountains. First off, the design provides you with an option to organize your belongings accordingly. In addition, the design ensures security with a bFloatair back panel that can cool you down. Here are some of the features we like the most:

  • The FloatAir™ back panel consists of a breathable mesh that is tensioned over a lightweight wire frame. The floating capacity on the back was designed to optimize airflow, thus preventing compressing on the back.
  • 3.0L Big Zip™ LP reservoir: The reservoir shape in a low profile with a wide opening. Not only does it look securely, but also comes with a quick-disconnecting hose.
  • Smart hydration pocket: The Reservoir suspension guarantees security and ease of access. Therefore, it makes refilling and cleaning the reservoir an easy task.
  • Full-face helmet pad carry: Another great feature that lets you attach a helmet and protective pads to the backpack.

The backpack also comes with a variety of tool-specific pockets. Thus making it easy to separate your belongings properly.
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