Matterhorn Boots For Tough Journeys

Matterhorn boots are considered the standard footwear design for a tough journey. Due to its texture, it can withstand extreme forces and pressure while ensuring the highest possible security to the wearer’s foot. They are generally made with a calf-high lacing feature for additional protection. This type of shoes is seen in many countries as a valuable possession because of its high quality.

Matterhorn boots, also called Corcoran boots, are designed with pure, durable leather material which helps to keep protect feet from damage. Having a cowboy type of build, they are perfect for camping experiences and activities; Especially if those activities require you to travel through extreme and rough textured paths!

These boots are durable and built with full protection in mind. In terms of material, the boots are made of pure tested leather even with inside leather lining, reinforced toe caps, and strong lacing . They provide a full support system to protect the wearer’s ankles and toes. Most times during camping, you visit places where you can expect to get dirty. When you wear other boots, you could have to take the shoe off to clean it as well as clean your foot. However, with Matterhorn and Corcoran boots, the lining tongue against the inside lacing helps to prevent mud and dirt from entering.

Overtime testing and research has been done to determine which boots are most suitable for the camping experience and the following types have been given the best reviews:

Corcoran 10″ Waterproof Insulated Field Boot

Corcoroan 10"

This boot is made with a pure rubber material, which provides the user with a long-lasting service. It is a special waterproof  equipped with breathable GORE-TEX. The leather that lines along the rubber base is water-resistant and is made of breathable full grain leather. It provides the customer with a few extra inches if leather collar to allow for easy adjustment after lacing up. The insulation (thinsulate) is measured at 200 grams. These boots are also painless to clean.

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Matterhorn Men’s 10″ Waterproof NON-Insulated Contourical Boots


With a 10″ calf-high feature, protection is guaranteed against the elements of nature. It is designed with an extra layer of lined toe caps for maximum foot protection, as well as full lacing to protect your calf. Also, it ranges in sizes, so your whole family can get a pair.

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Matterhorn Men’s 10″ Waterproof Insulated Boots

Corcoran 10" Waterproof Insulated Field Boot

This boot is a waterproof insulated boot that is perfect for all camping activities. It is made of pure and tested rubber with a leather lining. While worn, there is no need to worry about foot sweat as the material prevents that from happening. It helps to keep feet warm yet prevents overheating. It is also built with double toe cap layer for extra security and comfort.

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