The Most Powerful Flashlight: 2017 Edition

Regardless of how large your expedition is, a flashlight is a necessary tool to have. They can be easily stored in any bag, and some bags are even equipped with a slot specifically for flashlights. They are sometimes made with casing that is used for easy transportation, and can be stored easily without fear of damage. When camping, a flashlight is extremely necessary during hunting or any night activity because seeing clearly is essential. We have prepared a short list of the most powerful flashlight on the market in 2016. These are:


EcoGear FX Tactical LED Flashlight Kit (TK120)

Flashlight for Tactical Operations
This flashlight is made with an ultra bright, professional grade LED incandescent bulb that shines an exceptionally long distance. It is equipped with a rechargeable battery port to constantly keep the power flow intact. This type of flashlight is designed with an aircraft-grade aluminium alloy which is durable and efficient for a long-lasting product. It is so powerful, it delivers a maximum of 1200 lumen when fully charged. Therefore, this power tool will grant all campers the ability to complete their night activities more effectively. It is a safe, shock-proof flashlight that is water resistant and anti-abrasive. Many campers recommend it because of its zooming function, and that it allows for targeted searches. Therefore, it is perfect for hiking during camping.

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SOLARAY PRO ZX-2 Professional Series Flashlight Kit

Professional flashlight for campers

This is the kind of  flashlight that never fails to deliver. Due to its power output and high level of brightness, it is often used for security purposes. The light feature has an ultra bright cree, super-silicon carbide single LED chip installation which is durable and good for multiple purposes. It provides a high, energy-efficient, output and a long battery life. Also, the focus lens can be adjusted if so desired.

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SeddyTech-UltraFire LED Flashlight Kit

LED Battery Portable Light

This is one of the best flashlights on the market, providing a maximum of 2000 lumen per use. This is a military-style flashlight with a 5 node zooming feature designed specifically to provide a clear line of sight. It is equipped with a reverse polarity protection. In addition, its battery is turned backwards, which helps protect the LED light. Also, it comes with a safety case and a durable aircraft graded aluminium waterproof design. It is long-lasting, safe to handle, and easy to store.

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