Durable Rock Climbing Rope: The Best of 2017

Safety is paramount when working on in high places. An untimely accident from high altitude could have drastic consequences. This is the reason why choosing the right rock climbing rope is so important. Keep in mind that not all rock climbing ropes are the same; some are better quality and more durable than others. It’s extremely important to know which ropes will keep you safe when you put your life in harms way. Here are the best 3 ropes the on the market today:

Singing Rock R44 NFPA Static Rope 11.2-mm x 200 Feet

11.2 mm by 200 feet static rope

Singing Rock is the exclusive developer of this Route 44 technology. This unique sheath-braiding technology proves there is no better way to make a rope.

Patented Technology

One thing that makes this rope such a great piece of equipment is that Route 44 is the only rope in the world that uses this patented technique. The method makes the rope perfectly round and equips the sheath with the qualities of a perfect blend of thickness, durability, and comfortable handling.

This rope is recommended for rescue operations, work positioning, military, and police use. It can also be used for expeditions and work on big walls.

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Petzl Mambo 10.1 mm Dynamic Single Rope

Petzl Mambo 10.1 mm Dynamic Single Rope

The best quality of the Petzl Mambo 10.1 mm Dynamic Single Rope is its suppleness and durability. It is also easy to use, whether you are in the gym or at the crag. Its thick sheath allows for greater durability and control.

Its features

This rope is endowed with greater longevity and is easy to use. The thick sheath helps to provide excellent abrasion resistance. In addition, the inner parts of the sheath are bonded together at the ends by an ultrasonic process called the “Ultrasonic Finish.” This feature helps prevent tattered ends. A feature known as the “ClimbReady” coil makes the rope ready for use and helps the user avoid potential uncoiling mistakes.

A process called the EverFlex treatment makes the core strands stable and improves consistency, while offering an excellent grip and consistent handling over time.

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Sterling Rope Evolution Velocity Rope

Velocity Rope for Hikers

Whether you are working, sending, or climbing, the Sterling Evolution Velocity Rope is the leading rope in the sub-10mm range. Though it may be soft on the hands, it does not compromise in strength. It is also endowed with a great bounce back so that it will not exert too much force on the body in the event of a fall.

Its features

If you need a workhorse, this is the rope for you. You will love its light feel as well as its durability. This is a fantastic rope with a very strong sheath. In the event of a fall, the rope is not rigid whatsoever and provides a great bounce. If you use this rope responsibly, it will treat you well too.

This is the perfect rope that will not allow the elements to make it deteriorate prematurely, and is the perfect length for lead climbing.

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